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Everyday Sacred

Forget about saving it up or layering it with requirements. Let the sacred strip limitations away, let it remind us of our limitlessness.

Today is a new day

Today is a new day–no assumptions. Your right side may behave differently from your left, differently from how it behaved earlier this week, how it will behave tomorrow. Be with it, note it, appreciate it, breathe through it, into it, out of it. These are essential notions and instructions of Yoga and pretty good instructions [...]

Coming Home….

to my body. That’s how I’ve come to see my practice. I’ve recently entered my 4th year of this great yoga journey. During our recent snowpocolypse, I unrolled my mat in my living room and found my slightly different rhythms at home from my usual classes and favorite guides, as I did during my 4 [...]


It’s only since I’ve been doing a lot of yoga that I recognize the alignment that’s second nature to me upside down. It’s high on my list of strange skills.

Forward fold

Today I welcomed Yoga for the stretchiness and focus I craved. The holiday patterns of additional eating and drinking sat heavily at my waist. My mind was full of January jangles and related uncertainties. And my joints had been pushed a little more and rested a little less than usual. A slow rhythmic class took [...]

Continual Motion

I think the non yoga world thinks that yoga consists of striking a pose and holding it. No doubt a lot of beginning Yoga students think this as well. But instead it’s continuous movement, even as it appears that the body is still: checking in; tuning up; breathing into; releasing over. I’m always checking into [...]

Yoga between the ears

This time of year it’s common to run into substitute teachers or have to change a schedule and fit into someone else’s time slot. How easy to complain or find that the new teacher and her style don’t quite fit. How much happier and more fulfilling to find that there’s some different way of approaching [...]


This morning’s yoga class was an exploration of the basics of common postures. I found a rich sense of sanctuary—place, space, opening, revealing. It’s rich and delicious and now I know to keep my senses open to it, gently. Here I am; here I release; here I inhale; and here I discover. I easily find [...]

Yoga Etiquette

These days I do my yoga in “the big gym”—a corporate fitness factory. Still, we get excellent yoga teachers and devoted practitioners at a monthly cost equal to about a class and a half in the Yoga-studio-world and it’s right down the street from me. (I also do a bunch of other things at this [...]

Practice, again

Practice is a motivating word. “Practice” removes perfection from the dialogue completely. I will not ever get to perfection—I will always want to/need to practice. My practice does not aim at perfection, it aims for continuity, it aims for growth, it aims for insight. It is pursuit on a day by day basis. It is [...]