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A day full of possibility–may you live it well

Thank you for this period on a stretched and strengthened morning, as I open my savasana eyes, breathe the lilac air and step into the light, wind, gray and sun–alternating–the way of springtime around here. May I live this day well, and you too. It’s a doable challenge, an inspiration to carry folded over and [...]

Magnificent enough

Suddenly, other parts of me required unfolding and oxygen. I had to explore right here inside, even though visas and maps were tricky to come by. “Magnificent” helped me stretch and circulate blood through numbed extremities and circumvented pathways.


The Yoga Blog seems to be taking a break but the new series, The Blessed Disappointment, is just starting up on the main page (just look at the posts on below the greeting on the homepage or choose anything by keyword from the left-hand side index.) You can access all the blog posts past through [...]

Where have I been?

Often in Yoga I hear wonderful cues that touch my body, my spirit, unlock doors, throw open windows or connect dots. I try to keep them rolling through my brain to muse on for the Yoga journal. Rarely do I come out with the phrase or word, though. Yes the connection, aeration, release and expansion [...]

Yoga-breathe even more deeply

I found an extra space, deeper, lower, contained in a bowl of muscle and connectors, into which I could inhale, from which I could exhale. My whole system seemed to slow into a luxurious quiet. Now I look for that place when we ease into Yoga class. I know roughly where it is, but I’m [...]

How good it is to live in a body

This morning it came ringing out during yoga—an irrepressible exclamation from my guide that resonated through me as well. We took on so many nice new twists, reaches and variations on familiar themes. I could find my tailbone in so many different positions and pull it long, ground it down or curl it under in [...]

Yoga, yoke, yolk

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “he yokes,” akin to the Latin, to join. To yoke is to join—typically two animals. The physical thing that ties them together is also the yoke. In yoga I think about that yoke—that thing that yokes as the breath, bonding both body and mind to it and thereby [...]


Savor this light-filled state of mind,
the preciousness of every day.
Remember to savor.

Everyday New

Today we threw away the predictable routines, the serious demeanor and the Asanas. Instead we massaged our minds and our bodies from the inside out. We lubricated our joints, making huge arm and leg circles. We rolled and rotated up and down across on our spines and through our core. We gently stroked our cheeks [...]

Breathe in

Breathe in—not just into the belly, all loosened and lovely, not only into the skin where it can float a body, lift an arm, and roll from side to side. But breathe deeply into those dark spaces. Bring the light along with the lightness of air. Scare away the spiders of doubt and exhaustion, cramped [...]