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Report 17: Yes, I love long goodbyes, why do you ask?

And I hope, wish, want good things for Cambodia, for the naked children playing in my street, for the animated daughter at my laundry, heading off to kindergarten. Children are everywhere; the population is so young. It’s hard not to think about their future.

Report 4-Starting the week

Quick note-some readers may not realize that hair dye was my first active step in the decision making and prep for this trip. Is this the time to go naturelle? No. Then what will it take? Stockpile. Then how-to-pack it? Break down and repackage. Well I have a dye strategy—I guess I’m going, right?

Report 2 Working in Phnom Penh

Oh and did I mention a mardi gras party at the home of the second-in-command at the US Embassy?…my work so far has been long days editing the grant reports for a grantor called Forum Syd—in Sweden I think. These would be difficult reports to write in one’s native tongue, but for the staff at KYSD who have very little formal training in English between them—