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Year in Review/Travel notes

Groups of ladies plied the waterfront with conversation, walks and tai chi. Men played with shuttle cocks and repeated jumping exercises. Fathers wrapped in sarongs carried and cooed to their babies. Women smoked the sky with their boiling breakfast pots and chopped the air with their ams. Spit-polished children emerged in school uniforms.


I wrestled with the twilight zone of blended focals. My walk back to the parking lot from the Kaiser offices had me tentatively trying out the ground beneath my feet, as my legs grew up to a half a foot.

Four months of travel in SE Asia–2013

More to come–for example Report 26 on Diving from Mabul Island (MY) and a night cruise on the Kinabatangan River (MY.) This are above here in the BLOG. For Cambodia (Posts 117,) Vietnam (Posts 1823) and Malaysian Borneo (24.) Post 25 is my crazy trip back via Singapore and Seoul. And there are some pictures–open this post for links.

Report 23: Sapa and Halong Bay, Vietnam

The town is filled with “North Face” everything (or nothing.) They’re either overruns from Vietnam manufacturing or old stock or maybe complete rip offs. But I do well.

Report 21: Hanoi

It’s creepy, it’s interesting, it’s humbling and inspiring and an amazing thing to share, all at the same time. And then, having made the three-quarters trip around—it’s done—sort of like an amusement park ride.

Report 20: Hoi An to Hanoi

While I was quite sure he was there for me, he needed to call Adam to ask him whether he should pick up Adam’s mother. No point explaining that I’m not his mother and I’m surely not offended, but I guess on the other end of the phone they did want to clarify that I was a friend and not a mother.

Report 19: Under the Sea

As we slid through one fairly tight crevice we found a large school of shiny yellow tailed fish rather surprised to be in the fast lane alongside the two of us putterers.

Report 18: Good everything, Vietnam

this was such a delightful welcome to a strange and yet familiar place. (Saigon Hotspot—college students that will tour you around HCMC for the chance to practice their English. I’ll arrange a similar tour of Hanoi when I get there.)

Report 17: Yes, I love long goodbyes, why do you ask?

And I hope, wish, want good things for Cambodia, for the naked children playing in my street, for the animated daughter at my laundry, heading off to kindergarten. Children are everywhere; the population is so young. It’s hard not to think about their future.

Report 15 Gathering Myself

Suddenly it seemed silly to fly from hither to yon and over again, all to the tune of lost days, almost $700 and failure to explore this neighboring country, when the access is so easy and the reviews are so strong.