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San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Trip Report 3

[I climbed] back up Cerro Tijeretas just before 5 to take my private box seat for the frigate bird ballet. They started onesy twosy and quickly built to a heart-stopping 50 minute show of circling and swooping above, below and all around me, eventually taking their nesting positions for the evening. Sometimes there were as many as 15 to 20 in the air.

Ecuadorian Jungle, Trip Report 2

I love deep green channels lined with vegetation and trees that grow right out of the water with barely any land in sight. We are escorted by a relay-team of 7 giant blue morpho butterflies.

Quito, Ecuador Trip Report 1

I ran hard, for all my talk about taking-it-easy-and-adjusting-to-the-altitude. I didn’t feel the altitude at all, except perhaps for getting a little more easily winded walking up steep hills at the beginning of the day. Quito looks quite a bit like San Francisco anytime you get any view, all the way down to the little boxes made of ticky-tacky in different pastels.


The Yoga Blog seems to be taking a break but the new series, The Blessed Disappointment, is just starting up on the main page (just look at the posts on below the greeting on the homepage or choose anything by keyword from the left-hand side index.) You can access all the blog posts past through [...]

Portland is Everywhere

Mabul Island, Malaysia- jumping off point for legendary Sipadan diving, only the best in the world–presented herself quietly after a day and night of cab travel, air travel, sprints through back alleys looking for a room, dinner and directions, a suspenseful-yet- unsuccessful encounter with an ATM and a windy launch.

Year in Review/Travel notes

Groups of ladies plied the waterfront with conversation, walks and tai chi. Men played with shuttle cocks and repeated jumping exercises. Fathers wrapped in sarongs carried and cooed to their babies. Women smoked the sky with their boiling breakfast pots and chopped the air with their ams. Spit-polished children emerged in school uniforms.

Star Stud

I hadn’t checked into a hotel with a man other than my ex in over 20 years. The atmosphere was so charged I could barely sign. There was a king sized bed, a hot tub, and the two of us for hours and hours. Just after midnight we finally dragged ourselves out of bed and down to the beach. I’d heard something about the Leonid meteor shower.


Boas relaxed in careless coils to soak the day’s heat out of the dark rocks. The jungle was thickeningly mysterious. I craved elephants but surely wouldn’t see them at night.

Short trips with companions

I have a 40 mph brain. It’s my tempo for visiting, for looking, for exploring, for mulling the decisions. It’s not a literal odometer speed for all those things—of course. But it translates into 40 mph when my foot hits the gas in an unfamiliar city. More than that and I’m feeling pressed. When I [...]

Another Beach

”They welcome your visitor with a bit of the suburban familiar while you unfold your wildness. It works every time.”