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Remodel day 65+66

I guess this is the planting season here. It seems like a mean trick to stick some new plant out there in the cold and rain but they like the rain. I really can’t focus on this part of it—in my heart I’m not a gardener. I’m just a person who occasionally has a good day puttering in the garden. I think plants should take care of themselves.

REMODEL Days 63+64

I guess these are the kinds of things you learn from your first remodel. But let’s hope there’s no second. If you don’t know to ask these things going into a process like this and your contractor doesn’t think that it might become important (or the electrician?) you wind up with everything the way most people want it. And that’s usually not me.

Remodel Days 61+62

I build myself a little display of the two large tiles sandwiching a filler line of two blacks and a mosaic. It’s terrific. And the price comes back eminently reasonable at retail. It will take two days to come in from California—putting it here Friday. Vlad is supposed to start the backsplash Monday. With his discount the tile is downright cheap and there is bullnose.

Remodel Day 60

TILE CRISIS I bought this beautiful field tile after I was seduced by the Pratt & Larson outlet stores. P&L is a custom oooo la la tile maker here in Portland that sells it’s leftover not-quite-right weirdnesses by the pound in a magic little room that breeds wild ideas.

Remodel Days 57+58

This is a working room and all the elements are quite dynamic. They will need stirring, blending, living into the space. It’s quite amazing how this superficial choice—paint—seems like the biggest difference. It turns this whole project back into a house. I can now begin to imagine living here.

Remodel Days 48+49

Finally it dawned on me; what I need is red carpeting. I’ll pick up some samples and, hopefully, get to feel good with it (or I’ll get over it.) The question : will the red carpet lower my ceilings?

Remodel Days 46+47

I dare to enter, once more, the Pratt & Larson outlet room. Yes. Yet another project. This time the bathroom backsplash. Ooooo baby.

Remodel Days 40 + 41

I’ve done busy rooms before. It’s hard when you like a lot of exciting stuff. But I won’t mind. I think the plain woods—the cabinets and the floor—will calm things down. Add it up, Miriam. It’s not such a mystery.

Remodel Days 38 + 39

I go, I’m helped by a nice guy who seems to know what he’s talking about and I find a simple door that will let in lots of light. The guys next door sell a security film and I’ll have that installed on the window. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Why the emergency? I could have done this months ago.

Remodel Days 36+37

The entire upstairs was a DIY let’s-blow-out-the-attic-and-make-a-master-suite approach. It does not exist according to the city permit division, although the tax folks sure like to collect on it. I like most of what they did—even though the flaws are quite apparent but they really concentrated their ignorance when it came to putting in the shower, which has now been ripped out.