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Forward fold

Today I welcomed Yoga for the stretchiness and focus I craved. The holiday patterns of additional eating and drinking sat heavily at my waist. My mind was full of January jangles and related uncertainties. And my joints had been pushed a little more and rested a little less than usual. A slow rhythmic class took [...]

Yoga between the ears

This time of year it’s common to run into substitute teachers or have to change a schedule and fit into someone else’s time slot. How easy to complain or find that the new teacher and her style don’t quite fit. How much happier and more fulfilling to find that there’s some different way of approaching [...]

Balancing the cold in my head

My new Wednesday yoga teacher is very direct and basic. He pulls us through a good, slow, strong reminder of elemental moves in a resonant clear baritone. Today I’m more than a little punk—day two of what promises to be a yucky head cold. But I’m finding relief in the stretch, flex and expansion of [...]

Welcome to the Yoga Journal

The analogist in me *says: gravity is to lift, as machine is to divine, as effort is to release. I sense that there’s much in all of this—more analogies to add and possibly, reversal of the poles.
*yes I still miss those SAT Analogy questions