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Who knew that asphalt could be a tender touch,
that this patient, old-friend town of mine
would roll out padding and take me easy,

Yoga and Weight Lifting

My increased sense of alignment helps me adjust form. I can make sure I’m using the right muscles and releasing the others, especially those busy-body muscles that want to cram into every other muscles’ business. Give it a rest neck. You’ve got that huge head full of beans to hold up. You don’t need anyone [...]


In unconnected hours face-to-face, drenched in the ice-water of failed intimacy, I met loneliness–a very different thing from alone-ness. That loneliness withered my strong right-side under worm-eaten embraces, preoccupied hearts, and habitual sex.


The start of the year seemed like a good time to revisit Blessings. What’s important? Who’s important?  All the big questions sneak up on us this time of year.