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The Garden

Both front and back are lush–probably the noun as well as the verb. I do have a plant I allowed to stay in long after I thought perhaps it really was a weed. There’s a grove of them, actually. They are about seven to eight feet tall with enormous leaves and lots of small tufted yellow flowers that really don’t do all that vegetation justice.

Remodel Day 75: The Move

When they start to assess the dismantling of the piano it occurs to me that my neighbor might never have seen this process, so I invite him in. It’s good-having him there diffuses my concern. We watch the ballet, which the team leader has pretty well orchestrated. My neighbor is entertained by this part of the show.

Remodel Days 73+74

I don’t have time for the cycle of regret, repentance and redemption that these packing shortcuts ought to demand. They are already making a mockery of my carefully designed basement packing plan and I can’t care.

Remodel Days 71+72

I managed to make each room a disaster. It’s detaching from me and my stuff and my consciousness. It’s a slow hard slog. There’s no pretense of allowing it to look nice anymore. It’s all over here.

Remodel Days 69+70

The beige carpeting is installed on the first run of stairs and the first landing. Then it changes to RED!!! RAGE RED (Oh, that name, that name, so baaaaad) at the landing, the next set up and the whole master suite. It’s beautiful.

Remodel Days 67+68

ne weekend I sweated all the details about a lunar-landing range hood. I finally decided that my sculpture budget and appliance budget resided in different pockets—a separation that should continue. At best a range hood is still a fan.

Remodel day 65+66

I guess this is the planting season here. It seems like a mean trick to stick some new plant out there in the cold and rain but they like the rain. I really can’t focus on this part of it—in my heart I’m not a gardener. I’m just a person who occasionally has a good day puttering in the garden. I think plants should take care of themselves.

REMODEL Days 63+64

I guess these are the kinds of things you learn from your first remodel. But let’s hope there’s no second. If you don’t know to ask these things going into a process like this and your contractor doesn’t think that it might become important (or the electrician?) you wind up with everything the way most people want it. And that’s usually not me.

Remodel Days 61+62

I build myself a little display of the two large tiles sandwiching a filler line of two blacks and a mosaic. It’s terrific. And the price comes back eminently reasonable at retail. It will take two days to come in from California—putting it here Friday. Vlad is supposed to start the backsplash Monday. With his discount the tile is downright cheap and there is bullnose.