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Wet Weather Walk

I watch a dog frozen. I wait for my footsteps to rifle his eager nose and ear. Coming to the crest, I see his litter mate, also trained on something. What? Finally I see the owner on hands and knees cleaning out a bed. She tosses a clod of dirt and their fascination breaks.

Portland is Everywhere

Mabul Island, Malaysia- jumping off point for legendary Sipadan diving, only the best in the world–presented herself quietly after a day and night of cab travel, air travel, sprints through back alleys looking for a room, dinner and directions, a suspenseful-yet- unsuccessful encounter with an ATM and a windy launch.


Who knew that asphalt could be a tender touch,
that this patient, old-friend town of mine
would roll out padding and take me easy,


… a lot of those people reach a certain status. I’ve been sharing these streets and performances, this growth of our city and the electronica that can connect and separate us for twenty and thirty years. It’s really something.


A collection of small thoughts on the unfortunate thoughts, sights, incidents we run into.


I saw her again. This time I was able to notice the tattoos sprinkled along her neck, shoulders and arms: stars and such as I might strew upon a child’s birthday cake. And there HE is, Karl Marx, reminding me of his brilliant 19th century thought frosted with so much 20th century disappointment. This calf [...]

White Water Brain Float

Where did I go for hours on Thursday? Abducted by aliens? My mind left me, hollow, and probed by questions. I failed the test but offered a plan That’s me–always a plan. “We’ll walk, get some coffee.” Coffee cures anything in this town. Now it’s our plan The hospital? OK. Just like everywhere else There’s [...]


A freak snowstorm might be just what we needed to slow down and breathe.