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What does she want?

Parties of the first and second part:
Whereof two bile ducts agree to be stingy;
two hearts to pour generous;
ears pledge to listen more than two tongues wag;
tell tales and re-remember.


Savor this light-filled state of mind,
the preciousness of every day.
Remember to savor.

Two Haiku

Nostalgic Love and Morning


Who knew that asphalt could be a tender touch,
that this patient, old-friend town of mine
would roll out padding and take me easy,


Awaken spirit Speak the smallest grains of truth Boulders will follow


The sun’s rays and the road’s grit
push through spirit and out the mind.
Silent, I can finally hear and sing.

Soul Delivery

Can the world allow some lazy crazy soul
following sunlight across a flower bed
Napping, eating and making love
In no particular order?

Two love poems

Two poems looking back on an old romance

White Water Brain Float

Where did I go for hours on Thursday? Abducted by aliens? My mind left me, hollow, and probed by questions. I failed the test but offered a plan That’s me–always a plan. “We’ll walk, get some coffee.” Coffee cures anything in this town. Now it’s our plan The hospital? OK. Just like everywhere else There’s [...]

All Spice

All spice all the time. Ordered by the slick magazine-version of my life . A surface of long restless hours in torpid poses on white silk, perfect boredom pouting my lips, airy laughter and animated wineglass-clink? Bones long for earth, floors, mattresses, to hold them up. They lay heavy with morning Should-for-me brain scrubs them [...]