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Five Very Short Stories

Before My Piano Lesson Cat Woman, pale and severe, was systematic: first the older daughter; then the little one. She spit in her hankie and rubbed their faces. The girls were compliant. Walking up the stairs for my lesson, I’d pray that Cat Woman would just read her magazine this week. I’d take out my [...]

A Sweet Sentimental Passover, 2014-5775

Go forth from slavery, from oppression, from the narrow places of your head, your heart, or your circumstances. Celebrate the season of freedom, rebirth, and sweetness.

Report 8 Passover

It was very tender to share this personal element of life with people who could so readily relate to the inherent importance and sanctity of the ceremony and the sentiments brought forth. Twists of being the stranger, welcoming the native, bringing the strange celebration and having it embraced as the gift of life and love that it truly is,

Living in the Moment

“That passive nice-little-old-lady who sits around the dining room all spaced out—that’s someone I never met before. That difficult woman you call me about—that’s the last shred of my Mother.”

Taste the Bread of Freedom

A song of Passover. Taste the Bread… On Passover we welcome the stranger and we become the stranger wandering to find our spiritual home. WWe recommit to our most audacious dreams–those of peace and freedom.

At my Passover table

Don’t we Jews love Passover the best? Our Seder celebrates our departure from Egypt, our journey in the desert for forty years before we could enter the promised land of Israel. We mark this event not as some distant anniversary, but as if we were led personally from slavery to become free men, women and [...]