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In afterglow, electricity shoots across my shoulder blades, through my throat and right between my eyes. Each release expands my spirit, touching even the tiniest of polite encounters with strangers. It strokes more significant connections and my desires for the people of my life.

Love by email

I revisited a piece I wrote years ago–Love in the Ether–a tribute to a period of steamy email lust (and amazing disregard of corporate back-up systems. Egads.) Good email is almost a nostalgicism, isn’t it? I have bowed to texting but I’m much too old to find it erotic. Maybe when I come back to this world as a teenaged boy. Oh but by that time text too will be so last whatever.


Driving towards the real world, The minor key strokes my scalp. My pelvis keeps time. I’m the best jukebox in town. This morning my skin was finally sated and I could hear my heart. My chest burns hot and ripe alongside. All night long you seep into my psyche. Lust arcs through shoulder blades, throat [...]

The Old Lover’s Advice

Listen to his heart’s tongue. You only know your own jealous blood. You’ve been burned and betrayed before—that shows. So now you would stifle all skin—fine or fiery. But now’s time to trust him and your sleek passion.

Chocolate for the Soul

We would strip away the world and became so vulnerable. These times felt rich and real.