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Remodel Days 57+58

This is a working room and all the elements are quite dynamic. They will need stirring, blending, living into the space. It’s quite amazing how this superficial choice—paint—seems like the biggest difference. It turns this whole project back into a house. I can now begin to imagine living here.

Remodel days 55+56

I was going to keep the ugly fixture that’s there. I thought the General liked it and so I tried to convince myself that this little bit of ugly could be an homage to the 1926 original. Now he claims to hate it—and out it goes.

Remodel Days 50+54

The living room is looking wider since the paint rail and the window woodwork have gone white. It almost makes the smashed pumpkin-guts walls bearable–but not really.

Remodel Days 40 + 41

I’ve done busy rooms before. It’s hard when you like a lot of exciting stuff. But I won’t mind. I think the plain woods—the cabinets and the floor—will calm things down. Add it up, Miriam. It’s not such a mystery.

Remodel Days 36+37

The entire upstairs was a DIY let’s-blow-out-the-attic-and-make-a-master-suite approach. It does not exist according to the city permit division, although the tax folks sure like to collect on it. I like most of what they did—even though the flaws are quite apparent but they really concentrated their ignorance when it came to putting in the shower, which has now been ripped out.

Remodel Days 34+35

I had hoped that by handling the stuff, I would free the bonds and get rid of more things. That happens to a degree. But it’s also true that the prospect of throwing it in a box (Trader Joes Wine boxes—only the finest) and sticking it somewhere suddenly seems easier than having to figure out how to get rid of it and be concerned about that.

Remodel Day 30+31

I tried something called neon green and it looks good but I’m a little scared of it. It might really turn into a soft plastic squeezy toy if it were on all walls of a room.

Remodel Days 28+29

The General and Juan make huge progress getting the linoleum off the kitchen floor. Hopefully the fir floors will be lovely. Right now the floor looks like rutted tar. I guess we get a little intro on Thursday when the weaving project starts.

Remodel Days 26+27

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a vine…? Carry the theme out of the dresser. It could leap across the room from where I put the dresser, then climb up the side of the skylight. It could then have a little echo in the bathroom. Or it could come out the green dresser on that side of the wall (West) and go off into that little alcove I’m thinking of for a makeup area. (do I really need a makeup area? Maybe a jewelry area. Tangent!)

Remodel Days 22+23

Hopefully harmony will spill over into other parts of my life—like the part I’m intentionally turning to chaos. What was I thinking?