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SOLICITED ADVICE: Emotional allergies/post post mortem

How will I remember that I’m done with all this, when I crave a dram of the drama juice, the seductive exchange of intimate tidbits, the reminders and the revelation? How will I push back from the table and say “no thank you? I’m on a drama-free diet.”

I’m sorry

I’m also really sorry that there are people out there who do rude, insensitive, cruel and hateful things, all the time, everyday, and they don’t apologize. I’m so sorry those people never know the pain they cause and they don’t seem to suffer for their conduct.


But how do I know this person isn’t impossible, like the last 3 guys turned out to be? There ought to be a test—some first-two-weeks-dating-mechanism as simple as looking for the grammar mistakes in an on-line profile.