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My Body, newly single

Since when do I collect anxiety in my thighs, my knees, my buttocks and calves?

Chicago Cello

I’m barely taller than my half-sized cello. School lessons and orchestra begin in a week. It’s not so heavy, really, but it’s kind of hard to carry, especially since I live at the end of the school boundary. I walk it a mile to school and then back again. When the wind blows a lot I have to stop walking and throw my weight over the top to hold it down.

A Sad Goodbye to Cumpston

Gone! Just like that. A creative man, a father, a mentor a teacher is gone from this world. I don’t understand. The news comes halfway round the world the same day with shock and pain, loss and too much sadness. The world is a poorer place. I know Jeff’s light goes on in the giant [...]