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Where have I been?

Often in Yoga I hear wonderful cues that touch my body, my spirit, unlock doors, throw open windows or connect dots. I try to keep them rolling through my brain to muse on for the Yoga journal. Rarely do I come out with the phrase or word, though. Yes the connection, aeration, release and expansion [...]

Release to the point of fear and exhale

How long does the pose go on? Too long? Have I released as much as I can? Time to check into the smaller muscles–sometimes they hold back. Can I exhale through them? If I inhale to lengthen, then exhale to release, do I run up against a muscle that is holding? Is it stiff and [...]

Here and now

What time is it? Now. Where am I? Here. It’s always true and it applies to everything. Yoga is a good reminder of this for me. The Yoga space excludes the cluttered world of screens and screams. The mat is a simple terrain upon which to features muscles, joints, bones, and breath. Here and Now—dismiss [...]