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Who knew that asphalt could be a tender touch,
that this patient, old-friend town of mine
would roll out padding and take me easy,

Star Stud

I hadn’t checked into a hotel with a man other than my ex in over 20 years. The atmosphere was so charged I could barely sign. There was a king sized bed, a hot tub, and the two of us for hours and hours. Just after midnight we finally dragged ourselves out of bed and down to the beach. I’d heard something about the Leonid meteor shower.

Why Write?

I may not be the most agile dancer, or the most exquisite vessel. It’s not a slick story of passions fueling young minds, bad-turned-good-against-all-odds, soldiering on in the wake of disapproval and ridicule, ironic, confessional or whatever the fashion bears and bares.

The Avalanche of Loneliness

[T]he pavement ices with brittle opposites. I need structure; I admire spontaneity. I hate man-made boxes, yet I notice that I’m putting finishing touches on a few just now. Anything goes? Nothing endures. I’m no longer young enough to try everything, but I’m old enough to try anything.


When I said the word it felt like a live fish in my mouth, like I’d never heard it, never knew what it meant, like maybe I never said it before. How could that word be about me? It blasted my ear like a tumble from a front loader.

The Bronze Goddess II

You’ve been standing in this rich sculpture garden for years. Ruth–what do you have you to say for yourself? You’re just now noticing? Just getting the idea? Well of course, Sister, daughter, Mother, come along then. I don’t know what we’ve been waiting for but now is always the right time.

More on Loneliness–Ruth

And you, Mom? You knew that loneliness at such an early age. But you’ve never complained about it, not when Grandma was sick, not when you were nursing Dad, or after he died, or when your friends started to move away to go live with their children. Even now you won’t let the word take hold in the room.

More on Small Matters

My cheerful-most-days-nature bubbles right up from my toes. It’s a bouncy caffeinated energy that steps right through shoulder blades into chest: gregarious; straightforward; occasionally nipped at by little shadows of timidity. When I feel strong, hail-fellow-well-met stomps the timid. When the timid tap runs faster, the energy slows and thickens. Melancholy might wonder while uncertainty [...]

Mad Dog

She screams out ”Won’t someone please shoot this dog? Please, if I circle back around the block one more time, will you please have your gun ready and try to shoot the dog? Shoot the damn dog and don’t shoot me? Please.”

My Body, newly single

Since when do I collect anxiety in my thighs, my knees, my buttocks and calves?