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Second Chance

She licked her wicked wounds and revealed her exotic and disturbing past on occasion at ladies luncheons and rotary breakfasts.When she dove into the dust of her back yard she pulled out apricot trees, watermelons, plums, pomegranates and even roses. Selma flowered in the relentless sun that would whip her sheets dry in a flash.

Report 7 The Movies +

Don’t worry, you’re saved from this existential introspection by another movie break—this one complete with the disorientation of returning from the chilly absorbing event to the hot streets of a foreign capital.

More about Berta

That is certainly not something I expected when I wondered what the future would bring on the boat coming to New York. And it’s not what I imagined when Carole asked me if I wanted to move to Texas.


Carole was amazing. She was beautiful—curly jet black hair, a luscious little body and a fiery temper and wit. She was smart but she wasn’t all dried up like those college girls my buddies married. She was full of life and love—really sexy, not just dolled-up. She would talk to me about what was happening in her life. She needed someone to talk to and someone to appreciate her.

Berta on Marrying Rudy

He is ten years older than me with dark hair that is already thinning. His dark eyes make him look serious and kind at the same time. But he is quick to laugh at my Father’s jokes. That is a good sign. His laugh is a rich, warm sound. This is a man who can forgive and forget. Mamma says that is the most important and I think she is right.

Wedding wishes for all–long marrieds and about-to-be’s

On your journey together may you open your hearts to: an alphabet of features we should all discover in the arms of our loved ones.

Royal Wedding

Charles was unlikely to know, let alone, fancy a short Jewish girl from the Chicago suburbs who had never been on a horse. True, I had studied theatre in England. But I was no longer a virgin-