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Breathe in

Breathe in—not just into the belly, all loosened and lovely, not only into the skin where it can float a body, lift an arm, and roll from side to side. But breathe deeply into those dark spaces. Bring the light along with the lightness of air. Scare away the spiders of doubt and exhaustion, cramped [...]

Remodel Days 71+72

I managed to make each room a disaster. It’s detaching from me and my stuff and my consciousness. It’s a slow hard slog. There’s no pretense of allowing it to look nice anymore. It’s all over here.

REMODEL Days 63+64

I guess these are the kinds of things you learn from your first remodel. But let’s hope there’s no second. If you don’t know to ask these things going into a process like this and your contractor doesn’t think that it might become important (or the electrician?) you wind up with everything the way most people want it. And that’s usually not me.

Remodel days 55+56

I was going to keep the ugly fixture that’s there. I thought the General liked it and so I tried to convince myself that this little bit of ugly could be an homage to the 1926 original. Now he claims to hate it—and out it goes.

Remodel Days 12+13

Egad! I lay out budgeting with Tim—which is awful—and timeline—which looks good. I should be able to move in here by the end of October. Now if my West Linn house would just sell.

Fall and the Back-to’s

It’s back to school time in my head, even though my last blue fabric-covered notebook was over forty years ago, even though my daughter takes an airplane to school and I kiss her good-bye once for the whole semester. Still, the school calendar calls the tune for me and so many others, etched into our [...]