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Report 18: Good everything, Vietnam

this was such a delightful welcome to a strange and yet familiar place. (Saigon Hotspot—college students that will tour you around HCMC for the chance to practice their English. I’ll arrange a similar tour of Hanoi when I get there.)

Report 11 So how hot is it?

I don’t believe in checking the weather (I’m not flying a plane, after all.) I should mention, before I lose you, that the heat doesn’t actually prevent me from doing things. But the song Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out in the Midday Sun runs prominently through my planning brain, thank you Mr. Coward.

Report 4-Starting the week

Quick note-some readers may not realize that hair dye was my first active step in the decision making and prep for this trip. Is this the time to go naturelle? No. Then what will it take? Stockpile. Then how-to-pack it? Break down and repackage. Well I have a dye strategy—I guess I’m going, right?