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The Garden

Both front and back are lush–probably the noun as well as the verb. I do have a plant I allowed to stay in long after I thought perhaps it really was a weed. There’s a grove of them, actually. They are about seven to eight feet tall with enormous leaves and lots of small tufted yellow flowers that really don’t do all that vegetation justice.

Remodel day 65+66

I guess this is the planting season here. It seems like a mean trick to stick some new plant out there in the cold and rain but they like the rain. I really can’t focus on this part of it—in my heart I’m not a gardener. I’m just a person who occasionally has a good day puttering in the garden. I think plants should take care of themselves.

Remodel Days 9+10

This visit to the lighting fixture store was so overwhelming—since I also just found out I need bathroom fixtures, a bedroom ceiling fan and upstairs sconces, that I locked my keys in the car immediately upon leaving. I wasn’t even surprised. Just part of the day.