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… a lot of those people reach a certain status. I’ve been sharing these streets and performances, this growth of our city and the electronica that can connect and separate us for twenty and thirty years. It’s really something.

The Balinese Garden

I travel to this place each year to unburden my heart from the tedium of life and to welcome the secrets of my friend. Not that they are such secrets, mind you. But they may not yet have met the dry opening beyond breath.

Photo’s from the Portland Premiere

At my Passover table

Don’t we Jews love Passover the best? Our Seder celebrates our departure from Egypt, our journey in the desert for forty years before we could enter the promised land of Israel. We mark this event not as some distant anniversary, but as if we were led personally from slavery to become free men, women and [...]

Eat it!

In my early travels I saw people cook smelly things in woks on the street. I would ask “what is it?” “again…please,” a third time… Now I was embarrassed and I still didn’t have a clue what he said. My rule became: if it’s very hot; buy it; bite it; and if you don’t like [...]


Thanks for a big brown bird, soft and crunchy stuffing, sweet yams, a tart cranberry relish and ample bottles of wine. Thanks for a fresh green salad and don’t mind if I skip the smashed potatoes, rolls and that baked broccoli-cheese traditional. Who would notice? Thanks for bringing this group together year upon year, through [...]