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Report 25: To be continued

The next leg of the trip home lands me at Incheon Airport, just outside of Seoul Korea, a country I’ve never been to and know nothing about, tourist-wise. I push through the airport to get a map, get advice for a town destination, check half of my carry-on luggage and get some cash. I’m sent [...]

Report 24: C’est Formidable!

I loved being specially coached by the tall unscarfed girl with flashing dark eyes, who turned out to be only 7, that I had to make one more change before I would be there. At the end, we parted with handshaking and best wishes for good travel for me, a good sendoff for their uncle going to India and a lovely meeting. Singapore humanized and redeemed.

Report 20: Hoi An to Hanoi

While I was quite sure he was there for me, he needed to call Adam to ask him whether he should pick up Adam’s mother. No point explaining that I’m not his mother and I’m surely not offended, but I guess on the other end of the phone they did want to clarify that I was a friend and not a mother.

Report 18: Good everything, Vietnam

this was such a delightful welcome to a strange and yet familiar place. (Saigon Hotspot—college students that will tour you around HCMC for the chance to practice their English. I’ll arrange a similar tour of Hanoi when I get there.)

Report 14 Trip to Siem Reap

I shot the guard one of those Urgent American looks—we really can’t help ourselves—and he offered that I could go up if I paid him. This not being a time for principal, I of course responded “how much.” For a $5 note I got the high eastern view and more importantly, solitude for sunrise at Angkor Wat.

Report 12 Weekend Update

There were lots of plain shrimp, shrimp in glass noodles, shrimp on skewers, shrimp in other kinds of noodles, and shrimp in some sort of a little—well I don’t know what, but it was rather ugly and totally delicious. Lots of pork everything, fish everything, some chicken everything…and a large array of generally confusing-to-the-Western-palate desserts.

Report 10 Sweet Sunday

My eye can’t let go of the prodigious line of (probably) smoked whole pigs, hanging from their hooves. Big pigs, little pigs, ducks too. I quickly untangle the earbuds and snap away with my I-pod. Could I ever go to this market without taking a picture of something?

Report 6 The weekend

We took a slow tuk-tuk ride up the 10 km island to a beach area in the Mekong, where we rented a lttle cabana and I went for a swim. The river is sandy and shallow. It reverberates in my head with movie drama and horrific war associations. But in front of me, it’s just a slow muddy river with a bunch of boys playing in inner-tubes.

Report 4-Starting the week

Quick note-some readers may not realize that hair dye was my first active step in the decision making and prep for this trip. Is this the time to go naturelle? No. Then what will it take? Stockpile. Then how-to-pack it? Break down and repackage. Well I have a dye strategy—I guess I’m going, right?

Report 2A–Dragon Fruit Observations

These tropical days, my brain can forget the ballast that would whisper doubt; remind me of the sweetness and pains of the past; beg for review and revision, organization and attrition. It’s left to work its schemes a million miles away, where it cannot push on me.