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Second Chance

She licked her wicked wounds and revealed her exotic and disturbing past on occasion at ladies luncheons and rotary breakfasts.When she dove into the dust of her back yard she pulled out apricot trees, watermelons, plums, pomegranates and even roses. Selma flowered in the relentless sun that would whip her sheets dry in a flash.

Lima Peru–Trip Report 9

After silent and kind service, my breakfast man crumbled under the weight of his loquacious nature and, English be damned, he would know my plans for the day.

The Galapagos Islands, Trip Report 4

It’s Thursday on the zodiac for a non-landing/non swimming excursion when we finally see Penguins. LOTS of PENGUINS. I think these are Humboldts. Adorable. Fantastic really. They don’t seem like they’re wearing formal clothes.

Ecuadorian Jungle, Trip Report 2

I love deep green channels lined with vegetation and trees that grow right out of the water with barely any land in sight. We are escorted by a relay-team of 7 giant blue morpho butterflies.

Read Herring

It was a hopeful sign of family Sunday mornings to come: mornings filled with stinky fish and family love.

Hoorah for the 4th of July

My little Kosher-girl hands were fearful: wash; wash again. My finger tips tingled each time they got close to the taboo meat. Could this possibly be worth it?

What Is Chanukah All About?

And this, this little potato, really this is the secret of Chanukah. How the perfectly ordinary, so common among us, shines with greatness in the lights of hope, happiness, family, food and song.

Peanut Butter Neglect

First, the sandwich bag was all wrong. It could be any plastic bag that found its way into the house, usually cradling my Dad’s stiff shirt or the Tribune. These bags were huge, unwieldy and, by the time they reached the cafeteria, sticky inside and out. The sandwich didn’t float out— often the bag would have to be removed from the sandwich.


It’s not like I have to believe something to make each day go round. It’s been going round a long time—long before me. It’ll go on long after, if we don’t screw it up too bad. What I say, or think, or believe don’t matter.

Hooray for the grill and a peek at the sun!

Here’s my famous (and published) baby-back rib recipe. The not-so secret is that everyone loves Baby Back ribs: low-fatters,low carbers, gluten-frees (watch the sauce) vegetarians, and especially my Jewish friends.