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Wet Weather Walk

I watch a dog frozen. I wait for my footsteps to rifle his eager nose and ear. Coming to the crest, I see his litter mate, also trained on something. What? Finally I see the owner on hands and knees cleaning out a bed. She tosses a clod of dirt and their fascination breaks.

What does she want?

Parties of the first and second part:
Whereof two bile ducts agree to be stingy;
two hearts to pour generous;
ears pledge to listen more than two tongues wag;
tell tales and re-remember.

Fall and the Back-to’s

It’s back to school time in my head, even though my last blue fabric-covered notebook was over forty years ago, even though my daughter takes an airplane to school and I kiss her good-bye once for the whole semester. Still, the school calendar calls the tune for me and so many others, etched into our [...]

Fall Sweetness

The hear of late afternoon sun can lure me in but I know what’s coming after fall’s sweetness and I don’t like it.