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Everyday Sacred

Forget about saving it up or layering it with requirements. Let the sacred strip limitations away, let it remind us of our limitlessness.

Forward fold

Today I welcomed Yoga for the stretchiness and focus I craved. The holiday patterns of additional eating and drinking sat heavily at my waist. My mind was full of January jangles and related uncertainties. And my joints had been pushed a little more and rested a little less than usual. A slow rhythmic class took [...]


Who knew that asphalt could be a tender touch,
that this patient, old-friend town of mine
would roll out padding and take me easy,

Another Beach

”They welcome your visitor with a bit of the suburban familiar while you unfold your wildness. It works every time.”

More on Small Matters

My cheerful-most-days-nature bubbles right up from my toes. It’s a bouncy caffeinated energy that steps right through shoulder blades into chest: gregarious; straightforward; occasionally nipped at by little shadows of timidity. When I feel strong, hail-fellow-well-met stomps the timid. When the timid tap runs faster, the energy slows and thickens. Melancholy might wonder while uncertainty [...]

How to Cook

I walk into the kitchen and feel the spin begin: the veggie bin holds items that “need eating.” I sweep across the counter tops and the peeling and rinsing and chopping begin. Mounds of veggie bits dive into the liquid on the stove. The food processor jumps up on the counter in anticipation of a [...]

Spring Cleaning

When I really want to clean something up I have to move quickly. It’s a race against boredom, a race against thinking too much, against all that training I did with my brain— practicing the piano, counting, clapping and breathing, playing imaginary games of College Bowl, outlining courses and terms, writing Moot Court briefs and [...]

Small Matters

Two muses for my creative spirit–difficult ones–finally meet. The Avalanches of Loneliness in Small Matters and Frazzle.


We always have a wonderful teaser about this time of year. The rains will be back. But the early burst of sun is too good, too intoxicating for us to be practical. We Northwesterners just have to throw ourselves at it. My little homage: Sunshine pulls energy from my fingertips and hair roots like an [...]

Fall and the Back-to’s

It’s back to school time in my head, even though my last blue fabric-covered notebook was over forty years ago, even though my daughter takes an airplane to school and I kiss her good-bye once for the whole semester. Still, the school calendar calls the tune for me and so many others, etched into our [...]