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PHOTOS from Ecuador

As you can imagine I have lots and lots of photos from my trip to South America and I’ve finally gotten them ready to show. Here are pictures from Ecuador–the first three weeks of my trip: Quito–a beautiful colonial city that reminded me of San Francisco, the Galapagos Islands–a nature paradise and Cuyabena jungle reserve. [...]

Guyaquil Ecuador, Trip Report 5

Billy Holiday croons over the breakfast room PA system, sounding only slightly like David Sedaris’ imitation of her. This must have been an earlier recording, without quite so much of the heroin warble. OMG! she’s singing the first Sweet Adeline song I learned—For All We Know. I’ve really lucked out in Guyaquil. The Manso Boutique [...]

The Galapagos Islands, Trip Report 4

It’s Thursday on the zodiac for a non-landing/non swimming excursion when we finally see Penguins. LOTS of PENGUINS. I think these are Humboldts. Adorable. Fantastic really. They don’t seem like they’re wearing formal clothes.

San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Trip Report 3

[I climbed] back up Cerro Tijeretas just before 5 to take my private box seat for the frigate bird ballet. They started onesy twosy and quickly built to a heart-stopping 50 minute show of circling and swooping above, below and all around me, eventually taking their nesting positions for the evening. Sometimes there were as many as 15 to 20 in the air.

Ecuadorian Jungle, Trip Report 2

I love deep green channels lined with vegetation and trees that grow right out of the water with barely any land in sight. We are escorted by a relay-team of 7 giant blue morpho butterflies.

Quito, Ecuador Trip Report 1

I ran hard, for all my talk about taking-it-easy-and-adjusting-to-the-altitude. I didn’t feel the altitude at all, except perhaps for getting a little more easily winded walking up steep hills at the beginning of the day. Quito looks quite a bit like San Francisco anytime you get any view, all the way down to the little boxes made of ticky-tacky in different pastels.