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Adults have different problems with multiplication. For example, divorce times backstabbing times sick child, times crazy boss, times stopped-up toilet equals chest-pounding tremors. Nobody prepares you for this kind of multiplication. When you lose the numbers you lose all kinds of certainty.

The Avalanche of Loneliness

[T]he pavement ices with brittle opposites. I need structure; I admire spontaneity. I hate man-made boxes, yet I notice that I’m putting finishing touches on a few just now. Anything goes? Nothing endures. I’m no longer young enough to try everything, but I’m old enough to try anything.


In a brave moment, I could admit to knowing the backward girl’s power. It was a flicker, the flash of a fearful cat streaking through a room. Something told me it was true, I had seen it, almost. Maybe I could nurse it out into my conscious mind to demystify and abandon.

KitchenRemodel Days 1+2

D1 Day one of destruction is a great relief to me. I have felt apprehension storming my sinuses these last few days, even beyond the profound doubts I’ve had about this little house in all of my visits during the last 2+ years I’ve been leasing it out. But now I find the house somehow [...]

Blogging the Remodel

A meeting on the eve of destruction The General waving his arms and his stentorian tones, explaining points of departure from the plans—yes we have already abandoned some of the poor architect’s insight. The Subs, nodding and shaking, brandish plans, tapes and opinions—incursion into plaster to begin at first light. The plan would seem to [...]