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Yoga-breathe even more deeply

I found an extra space, deeper, lower, contained in a bowl of muscle and connectors, into which I could inhale, from which I could exhale. My whole system seemed to slow into a luxurious quiet. Now I look for that place when we ease into Yoga class. I know roughly where it is, but I’m [...]

Coming Home….

to my body. That’s how I’ve come to see my practice. I’ve recently entered my 4th year of this great yoga journey. During our recent snowpocolypse, I unrolled my mat in my living room and found my slightly different rhythms at home from my usual classes and favorite guides, as I did during my 4 [...]


This morning’s yoga class was an exploration of the basics of common postures. I found a rich sense of sanctuary—place, space, opening, revealing. It’s rich and delicious and now I know to keep my senses open to it, gently. Here I am; here I release; here I inhale; and here I discover. I easily find [...]