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Report 21: Hanoi

It’s creepy, it’s interesting, it’s humbling and inspiring and an amazing thing to share, all at the same time. And then, having made the three-quarters trip around—it’s done—sort of like an amusement park ride.

Report 13 Happy Khmer New Year!

This was notable for being a large mixed age and gender Khmer crowd with just a very few foreigners and a very unselfconscious mingle. I was surprised to be dragged back out onto the dance area by mature women who probably have no English but enjoyed the sharing. Everyone laughed, danced, stole each other’s partners (always ambiguous in circle dancing) and smeared powder. No language necessary. We wanted to leave? “No, one more, one more.” These are the moments that vindicate solo traveling and are worth the risks of a little loneliness.