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Frazzle, you little devil you. Yes I’m talking to you. Why can’t we just get along? You and your obsessions, compulsions and fears. You keep me working and reworking it to death sometimes. You chain me to the computer screen just so you know I’m hard at it—not even letting me get to the creative [...]

Two Haiku

Nostalgic Love and Morning

Where’s the Bitch?

She could close every comment, every argument. Last words were her specialty: last words and stage whispers. She could keep a list a mile long. She could drink scotch and laugh with the men. And with the Bitch, I was funny and glib. With her, I had a context, a ‘tude, a style. With the Bitch boa wrapped around my shoulders, nothing could hurt me. My stride was, sexy, witty, and impermeable.

More on Small Matters

My cheerful-most-days-nature bubbles right up from my toes. It’s a bouncy caffeinated energy that steps right through shoulder blades into chest: gregarious; straightforward; occasionally nipped at by little shadows of timidity. When I feel strong, hail-fellow-well-met stomps the timid. When the timid tap runs faster, the energy slows and thickens. Melancholy might wonder while uncertainty [...]


The sun’s rays and the road’s grit
push through spirit and out the mind.
Silent, I can finally hear and sing.

The Balinese Garden

I travel to this place each year to unburden my heart from the tedium of life and to welcome the secrets of my friend. Not that they are such secrets, mind you. But they may not yet have met the dry opening beyond breath.


Early into my Big Words phase I ran into a quote by Winston Churchill: “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom; justice; honor; duty; mercy; truth; hope. Those were some Big Words. Maybe I was onto something. Winston Churchill was no slouch. But most of those [...]

All Spice

All spice all the time. Ordered by the slick magazine-version of my life . A surface of long restless hours in torpid poses on white silk, perfect boredom pouting my lips, airy laughter and animated wineglass-clink? Bones long for earth, floors, mattresses, to hold them up. They lay heavy with morning Should-for-me brain scrubs them [...]

Photo’s from the Portland Premiere

Small Matters

Two muses for my creative spirit–difficult ones–finally meet. The Avalanches of Loneliness in Small Matters and Frazzle.