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Remodel Days 73+74

I don’t have time for the cycle of regret, repentance and redemption that these packing shortcuts ought to demand. They are already making a mockery of my carefully designed basement packing plan and I can’t care.

Remodel Day 16+17

For a moment it seems too good to be true—linoleum protecting the wood floor—it’s mysteriously even with the hardwood in the hall. Then it becomes apparent that this surface is some poured event that is cement hard. Fortunately, it is also very flat.

Remodel Days 12+13

Egad! I lay out budgeting with Tim—which is awful—and timeline—which looks good. I should be able to move in here by the end of October. Now if my West Linn house would just sell.

Remodel day 11 +

More light fixture and electrical planning. I make decisions-where do switches go? Fan in the master bedroom, entry to the crawlspaces, OMG who knew someone made these choices.

Day 5+6

This was my second day of a major garden redemption session. I awoke early and so enthused I could do nothing else. I hope my back won’t be sorry about that tomorrow. I now have a lovely front stair approach to the house and a major cutting of the Ivy on the South side (purposely planted ivy–what a boner.)

Remodel days 3+4

Mission creep again—I’ve fought this battle before.

Blogging the Remodel

A meeting on the eve of destruction The General waving his arms and his stentorian tones, explaining points of departure from the plans—yes we have already abandoned some of the poor architect’s insight. The Subs, nodding and shaking, brandish plans, tapes and opinions—incursion into plaster to begin at first light. The plan would seem to [...]