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Small Pets

After the guinea pigs featured in Special Delivery there were more critters–of course.  This is the journey through reptiles and that most unbelievable pet–the rat. Can you imagine inviting rats into your house–ON PURPOSE?

100 Word Stories

These are four stories I wrote after I ran across a contest for stories of 100 words or fewer. It seemed like a crazy idea at first but I came to like trying to tell a story in this  format.  So did others.  Click here to find the winners and think about the next contest [...]

My Family–Enough Already!

I’m done with my family. I don’t mean to be cruel, mind you. I just need to be free for a bit. I’ve earned it. They’ve been taking up an extraordinary amount of my bandwidth, what with the usual proving myself good and worthy, writing and performing pieces of them, and feeling haunted by the [...]

About Peanut Butter Neglect

Thank you so much for sharing  … Miriam! I needed to hear [you] take on lunch as an only child…it was like reliving my parochial school days all over again…and a chance to “grow up” about something I had forgotten, yet needed to let go. What a blessing!  Leah On Peanut Butter Neglect


For most of us who sign up, Motherhood is the biggest, most wonderful, most frustrating and demanding job we ever do. It is exceptional and ordinary, divine and accursed. And you never look at your mother the same way after you’ve gone there. I’m pretty sure it’s way bigger than I yet know.

Chart Notes

In the world of self-help, failure-to-dream seems almost unimaginable. But for some of us, this got squeezed out early.

Plays Well Enough with Others

Just me against the world–I learned it in groupthink. From the collection Intersections.