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It’s the Most Wonderful Time–(to be Jewish, really)

When I was younger and busier, as Christmas became more and more commercial, as retail crushed harder upon us and Christmas became the the marker of the economy, as downtown begat malls begat catalogues begat the internet, begat the cassette-CD-MP3-blaring soft-core soul whine of so-called music, it became easy to be increasingly annoyed by the hype and nonsense that confused Christmas.

What Is Chanukah All About?

And this, this little potato, really this is the secret of Chanukah. How the perfectly ordinary, so common among us, shines with greatness in the lights of hope, happiness, family, food and song.

What an Appliance

Well coming into the Holiday buying season I always remember the appliance years–first apartments and all– and my tribute to the last appliance-gift I received.  It’s a beauty–and it’s season is coming so I thought I’d revisit it.