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Remodel Days 71+72

I managed to make each room a disaster. It’s detaching from me and my stuff and my consciousness. It’s a slow hard slog. There’s no pretense of allowing it to look nice anymore. It’s all over here.

Remodel Days 69+70

The beige carpeting is installed on the first run of stairs and the first landing. Then it changes to RED!!! RAGE RED (Oh, that name, that name, so baaaaad) at the landing, the next set up and the whole master suite. It’s beautiful.

Remodel Days 57+58

This is a working room and all the elements are quite dynamic. They will need stirring, blending, living into the space. It’s quite amazing how this superficial choice—paint—seems like the biggest difference. It turns this whole project back into a house. I can now begin to imagine living here.

Remodel days 55+56

I was going to keep the ugly fixture that’s there. I thought the General liked it and so I tried to convince myself that this little bit of ugly could be an homage to the 1926 original. Now he claims to hate it—and out it goes.

Remodel Days 48+49

Finally it dawned on me; what I need is red carpeting. I’ll pick up some samples and, hopefully, get to feel good with it (or I’ll get over it.) The question : will the red carpet lower my ceilings?

Remodel Days 46+47

I dare to enter, once more, the Pratt & Larson outlet room. Yes. Yet another project. This time the bathroom backsplash. Ooooo baby.