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Report 9 My Superpower Revealed

“Yes.” Earnestly yes. Yes without the ironic or sarcastic remarks that might accompany such a talent in one who has never used it professionally.” Yes” strongly and confidently, rising to the emergency and saving the day—quite relieved to be asked this question over 100 others. “Yes” flipping through the ancient pages of my brain trying to recall my champagne-laden days and nights, but mostly mornings. It had been years. I’m sure it’s like riding a bicycle—isn’t that what we say on such occasions? Or should I go with “tastes like chicken.”

Report 8 Passover

It was very tender to share this personal element of life with people who could so readily relate to the inherent importance and sanctity of the ceremony and the sentiments brought forth. Twists of being the stranger, welcoming the native, bringing the strange celebration and having it embraced as the gift of life and love that it truly is,

Report 7 The Movies +

Don’t worry, you’re saved from this existential introspection by another movie break—this one complete with the disorientation of returning from the chilly absorbing event to the hot streets of a foreign capital.

Report 6 The weekend

We took a slow tuk-tuk ride up the 10 km island to a beach area in the Mekong, where we rented a lttle cabana and I went for a swim. The river is sandy and shallow. It reverberates in my head with movie drama and horrific war associations. But in front of me, it’s just a slow muddy river with a bunch of boys playing in inner-tubes.

Report 5–Home

I have a much fancier TV than I do at home and rarely watch anything. There are a zillion channels.There is something a little intriguing about the Indian soap operas dubbed into Khmer…

Report 4-Starting the week

Quick note-some readers may not realize that hair dye was my first active step in the decision making and prep for this trip. Is this the time to go naturelle? No. Then what will it take? Stockpile. Then how-to-pack it? Break down and repackage. Well I have a dye strategy—I guess I’m going, right?

Report 3-Coverage

Oh the absurdity of it all. I pictured Americans spray-painting the tan on their skin and both sides of the brown debate exposing themselves to dangerous chemicals or conditions to bleach or color this largest organ we all wear.

Report 2A–Dragon Fruit Observations

These tropical days, my brain can forget the ballast that would whisper doubt; remind me of the sweetness and pains of the past; beg for review and revision, organization and attrition. It’s left to work its schemes a million miles away, where it cannot push on me.

Report 2 Working in Phnom Penh

Oh and did I mention a mardi gras party at the home of the second-in-command at the US Embassy?…my work so far has been long days editing the grant reports for a grantor called Forum Syd—in Sweden I think. These would be difficult reports to write in one’s native tongue, but for the staff at KYSD who have very little formal training in English between them—

Entering Cambodia

Report one from Phnom Penh. The first 3 days.