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A Sad Goodbye to Cumpston

Gone! Just like that. A creative man, a father, a mentor a teacher is gone from this world. I don’t understand. The news comes halfway round the world the same day with shock and pain, loss and too much sadness. The world is a poorer place.

I know Jeff’s light goes on in the giant relay of life. A baby is born, a girl finds a butterfly and opens her heart to friends, students, and someday children of her own. A teacher opens the windows in so many minds to so many opportunities. The rich golden streak that used to pour from Jeff’s fingertips into drum sticks or baton or bic pen or up his throat into a peppery call-to-order streams out of many of us, each in our own way. That’s the energy that brings out our best.

But loss is here and now. It’s sudden and it’s shocking. Goodbye Jeff Cumpston. As much as I feel your loss I cannot imagine your family’s grief. I hope they continue to find the many stars you shared with us.