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Yoga-breathe even more deeply

I found an extra space, deeper, lower, contained in a bowl of muscle and connectors, into which I could inhale, from which I could exhale. My whole system seemed to slow into a luxurious quiet. Now I look for that place when we ease into Yoga class. I know roughly where it is, but I’m still hunting around to see what gets me there, as I focus on breath and hand over to it my body and mind. I have to be relaxed, on but not jangled, to get there. My muscles must be firing with the breath while remaining tuned and resilient in their own working ways. The guide’s voice might just transport me there and away from any and all of the crazy I might generate or contract.

When I find it, the space welcomes me and my breath. It offers this special container. I can give up control to that space and feel, find and breathe into every little fiber on the way to Asana, through stretch, to recompile onto my spine and reach for the skyhook upon which I hang my skeleton. What a nice new place to discover. Like all these yoga discoveries, it takes awhile before I can count on the connection.