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Where have I been?

Often in Yoga I hear wonderful cues that touch my body, my spirit, unlock doors, throw open windows or connect dots. I try to keep them rolling through my brain to muse on for the Yoga journal. Rarely do I come out with the phrase or word, though. Yes the connection, aeration, release and expansion is there in my body and mind, but I can’t seem to reverse-engineer these wonderful feelings and find the word, phrase, cadence or nudge that sent me there. And of course, no grasping allowed during Yoga especially, right?

So while the blog has had some holes in it, rest assured the yoga body, practice, insight and connection have grown stronger and more satisfying. Where do I notice this? In every activity that involves breath. That’s quite a big list, as it turns out. My breath is here to support me, to move, to slow my monkey brain, to fill and connect my movement, to open my thoughts, my feelings and my connection with others. It is a sensual power and delightfully transportable and universal. The journey continues, augmented by life and augmenting everything in my life. As I know my muscles better each week, each month, they work more efficiently in all the other activities I’m a part of. I feel my side-body twist or stretch, release or contract and find that it automatically reaches deep inside for those core muscles without reminder. Even dancing in the park to a summer’s night of jazz I find all the right muscles and let them do the work. Yoga keeps the machine humming along.