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sexy camelliaThat one-word reminder to mark the day,
note the moment, hold it gently
in heart, hat, hand. Each sense
in order and chaos touch-see-hear-sniff-taste.
Absorb color, texture, sweet and soul.
High sky pull me close,
fill me with laughter’s light,
for beautiful and spacious soft,
with bouncy cotton clouds.
Powerhouse wings cross my eyes,
feathery beaters and fervent heart
stroke my lip, a place that knows the softest ways.
Savor petal, barely lifted from the morning pool.
Shiny pink call, slick to busy digits.
Cold, sweet, damp, seducer of bees,
fragile reminder that spring passes
into heated touch.
Savor that last gulp of morning joe,
chilled by sweet distraction.
Savor this light-filled state of mind,
the preciousness of every day.
Remember to savor.