Miriam Feder home


Remodel Days 36+37

Day 36
I tour Scott from across the street and Doug from next door through the house. I’m showing off the floors—the oak– newly-sanded and the fir under 2 coats of sealant. They are duly impressed—the fir is stunning and neither of them have uncovered it in their own homes. It’s probably there.

I try to get paint reviews. Scott is the first (thought by no means the last) to prefer the color of the drywall mud to either of the paints I’ve splashed on the wall. (I agree. Time to shop for a slightly warmer version of this. ) Doug is willing to put his money on the lighter, more golden color for the dining room and kitchen. Light yellow works for the studio—yes.

They help me unload the microwave. Now I can fill my trunk with another load for tomorrow. A good thing.

Upstairs, the shower repair has taken a dive into the OMG-what-were-they-thinking status. But all is remediable. (No surprise soapy appearance as I plunge through the rotten shower floor into the guest room below. That could spice up a visit.)

The entire upstairs was a DIY let’s-blow-out-the-attic-and-make-a-master-suite approach. It does not exist according to the city permit division, although the tax folks sure like to collect on it. I like most of what they did—even though the flaws are quite apparent but they really concentrated their ignorance when it came to putting in the shower, which has now been ripped out. They actually carved about 2/3 of the way down into weight-bearing joists to put the waste line from the shower in. Eeeek. The rot was just starting to go to work on the most compromised of the joists. This was a just-in-time exposure.

The General is seeking options to the mud set new shower floor to lessen the weight and dreaming up ways to bolster the two compromised joists. I’m trying to talk myself into a fairly simple tile job–after lurking a bit at Pratt & Larson today. They are a local tile manufacturer of divine custom and handmade stuff. Their outlet room has already sucked me in to a huge backsplash creation—which should be very nice and more complicated than truly necessary. Their great quality, cheap prices (at outlet) and effusive creative staff could make anyone a tile-crazed dreamer. But then, there’s execution. Bring on the guillotine. Anyway—one such time extravagance is more than enough. Shower—simple.

Day 37
Discussions with Tim help me understand the installation schedule: Cabinets come by October 7, the next day is the stone layout. Tomorrow I need to go see that door I like so much and see if it still fits the bill.

On the way home I make a stop at the Pratt & Larson outlet store. They do have all kinds of colors in square colored tiles. Right now they have a lot of subway tile. There is a lot of plain white. There are also other good colors. But there’s probably not enough of any one kind for a whole shower. (White is a possibility—but I wonder that this is a better deal than just ordering white tiles.) There definitely are good trim tiles: some are the diamonds; some are 2 inch white subways and then there’s more elaborate patterning that could go on.

The most helpful advice I found on line was keep the bathroom simple and soothing. I’m starting to think that designing the bathroom with these new ideas might reveal the bedroom elements. So let’s try that a mite since the other way isn’t working. P&L would be good for a border near the top of the shower (Probably 1/3 from top at lowest “top point.”)

So, say I do white subway tiles. If I can get them for under $4/SF I’ll order commercially. If not I’d pick it out, tile by tile at P&L (Possibly throwing in about 20% of contrasting tiles- maybe a rose? An ochre? a black?—that’s always safe) And I’ll create a trim piece using the appealing sort of rose edged green glazed (Oh why didn’t I snap them up) 2 x 6” tiles-maybe with two in horizontal row with some other variety stuff—two one inch squares between with a who knows what (there were those cute little rounds but they were very light colored—interesting though. Possibly the darker star tiles. The greenish bubble tiles. lack is always good.)

If I wind up doing the counter top in the white spring stone (do I need to visit the stone? New white sink or…other? Red?) then I’m thinking that the box part of the cabinet might be good for an accent color that would also be picked up in the barely- any-wall-to-paint color. The cabinet door could be a neutral color that would be the wall color in the bedroom—maybe something like the mudding color. Or maybe the black of the shower trim. That could the black edge the rose/green 2 x 6 at P&L? They could be trimmed with a nice knob—perhaps this is the place for hot knobs acrylics.

Ok, this gets us to the mudding color as the bedroom wall color, white ceiling—which is very prominent in this room. Accent colors might be a dark red. Maybe a lighter and brighter shade—still a little crazy would be a good accent color—say maybe the magenta from the green dresser (or would the dark red pull up the twins. Don’t forget, my bed is dark red. But it’s not so very visible and not something to design around.) My, that’s a bold design. What about all that “soft and restful” advice?

There were all those rather neutral textured really cool tiles at P&L. Brown tones would be good with white subways and then a designed countertop—something really beige in the center, either side of the sink. Would they be good with the White Spring? I wonder if there were enough nice ones to edge the full shower? and that’s supposed to be the design now—but is that working? And is it time for a change? ) and some black, from the shower. Red would be the accent if I’m using the stone Ochre is a possibility—although I’d have to make sure it wasn’t reminiscent of the kitchen pairing. I do think a dark shiny red would be nice on the cab box and something similar maybe on the wall above the toilet, behind the towel ladder, and above the window to the yard—the only blocks of wall space I believe. The cabi doors could be the lighter color from the bedroom. Well, let’s not forget the green bubble trim tiles. That would lead to a much mellower and desirable bathroom that would then spill over to the bedroom. Oh tile, you are an exhausting mistress.