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Release to the point of fear and exhale

How long does the pose go on? Too long? Have I released as much as I can? Time to check into the smaller muscles–sometimes they hold back. Can I exhale through them? If I inhale to lengthen, then exhale to release, do I run up against a muscle that is holding? Is it stiff and saying enough? Would a little compassion massage it? Or is it fearful and trying to protect me? What is that fear about? Is it stored up from the workweek? An interpersonal affront? In other words, did it come with me from life outside the mat? Can I exhale into it a bit? Can I gently release a bit more weight into it? Can I touch the muscle gently to remind it this is not that fearful moment? Maybe it’s not yet aware that it would feel good to release more fully, to rest more fully upon my pelvis because it’s never been there. Can I be sweetly cajoling and take the time, use the time, enjoy the time? When I repeat that move can I work so gently with it a tiny bit more? This is how I like to play with the control and the subtlety of the weight-shifting I find in my body. This is also what I’ve learned to do in the poses that might feel too long.