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Rudy’s Thoughts

Carole has already left school because the other students are so cruel to her–the only Jewish girl in class. Who ever thought of Germans acting this way here in Westphalia. Carole has asked to write to my niece Katy in New York and ask if she can come there. Katy has sponsored others and now she brings in her brother Fritz. He is a nice fellow and Carole knows him.

We will tell Carole she can write but also tell her not to assume too much. It is a huge responsibility for Katy to bring in a girl and Carole must know a little what her life will be. It is not so easy, without a Mother or Father there.

I’m afraid she will go. She is impatient waiting for things to get better and frankly, they get worse. Bertha and I have talked about trying to go to America as a family and Katy tells us this is hard.

Katy tells us she will take Carole and not to wait too long. She will be able to have a job for her. Maybe Carole can take care of a baby or clean house for a family–something a young girl who does not speak much English can do. She says there a many people who speak German in New York and Carole will learn fast.

Things are bad in America too, but not the inflation like we have, where our money is worth nothing. Katy says it is not so easy to make money, as it was when she came—15 years ago. Her husband is a butcher, so at least they will always have food. Also, New York is such a big city—there are all kinds of people. We will talk about this with Carole tonight.

To think I must send my child away so she can live the life every father dreams of for his child–I am defeated. A Father should be able to give his family all the things they need. Not to be wealthy but to be a family together. Now, just when we should be talking about boys and school, we send her off to a strange place. That is wrong.

The world here is closing in on us very tightly. This is no time to be a young person here. Even older people are shocked at what happens to our country and we are not comfortable. Things are so bad and worse every day.