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Four months of travel in SE Asia–2013

Answering some questions about the Travel Blog I discovered that there’s more to come. Post 26–Diving at Mabul Island and “>Post 27–Kinabatangan Night Cruise. (These newer posts are both about my time in Sabah Malaysia. Maybe more will come–who knows.) For Cambodia (Posts 117,) Vietnam (Posts 1823) and Malaysian Borneo (24.) Post 25 is my crazy trip back via Singapore and Seoul.

Some of my pictures are posted at Google+: June; May; April; March; and February.

Previous BLOG subjects are the lead up to the three week run of Ephemory in Portland, November 2012 and THE REMODEL PROJECT, 2010. Currently I’m keeping track of thoughts on Yoga–my handmaiden, metaphor, teacher and delight. I post to the Yoga blog most Saturdays. Please follow and share. And I’m happy for your feedback and suggestions of individual topics and broad subject areas–even arguments. Look for new non-blog posts under READ–they don’t post to the BLOG. Thanks for visiting and sharing links.