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Dear Mr. Malaprop:

I thought I was done with commentary on the world of computer dating for a bit, but then I discovered an old favorite phenomenon. Everything old is new again.

Dear Mr. Malaprop:
I’ve always enjoyed your Grandma (Great? Great Great? Well of course she’s at least great, whatever the generational aspect.) You can imagine how delighted I was to find out you are reeking a partner.

It’s impaling how “the gift” becomes stranger in each generation. You’re rite, we have so much in common. I love movies, although my tastes are not as ecliptic as yours. I like lots of different genders but my favorite is drama. And I agree volunteer work can be awarding, even if you don’t win an award.

Since you say you are into self-improvement, I know you’ll take this device in the right-of-way: when you have a small supply of $5 words, you should know what they mean before you throw them into sentences, Willy Wonka. Their—another great film in yet another great cataclysm, and maybe morose.

Your friends,

Female English majors of OKC
It’s not just spelling anymore