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Berta contemplates Carole’s leaving

My daughter will leave soon, I know it. This is the worst thing about our situation here. No, I can’t think that. This is an opportunity for her. I know that. But a mother’s heart jumps when her daughter tells her she wants to go clear to America to get away from her life here. What a terrible thing—that we cannot even live our life in our home, all together as a family should be. I want to be encouraging to her. I want her to have the best life she can, of course. And I want to be there to help her, to advise her, to make it a little easier. I had that from my Mother and of course my brothers and sister.

Family is so important. It’s where you come from. It’s who will care about you, no matter what. We all need that. We are lucky when we have that and now, my own daughter to be torn away from me by these terrible times. Why should she suffer and be called names and have stones thrown at her. But why should she have to leave to have a decent life.