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Ephemory: available for production

EPHEMORY is full length 90 minute show that can be produced with limited technical capability and an ensemble of as few as 6 actors: 1 male and 5 female. It’s the story of a young woman who immigrates to the US in the face of intolerable conditions and World War II about to explode. She comes of age in the US, tested by the fear and loss of her home and maybe her family. She becomes the old woman we also see, bestowing these memories to her adult daughter, who finally gets them and wants them, just as she is losing them.

Are you interested in producing Ephemory? Please contact Miriam: suchaproductionpdx@gmail.com

The posts that follow are some of the writings I did to help me develop the characters. I’m happy to provide additional information if you are interested in learning more.