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…and why should I read her ravings?Miriam Feder produces Ephemory

Just cuz…maybe I do have a notion.

About fifteen years ago, I could deny the theatre itch no longer. First I wrote plays for student performers. Then I directed the West Coast Premiere of The Orphan Queen at the MJCC. Then I got to sing and dance in The Really Big Dance Company’s Pirate Show.

I began writing and posting written and recorded pieces to my website in 2006. In late 2007 I produced and acted in my first one-woman show, The Vestibule: life, love and tears through the midlife lens. I took it to New Mexico in the Spring of 2008. I wrote and produced About Love: the bittersweet heart here in Portland in 2008. (This is also available as a pretty little gift book-just drop me an email.) Big Words was my Fall 2008 show.

Then I got an amazing grant to write and produce The Only Way Out is Through. It hit the stage as part of Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival of New Works. This is a show about women in midlife (not hot flashes–really us–marriage, divorce, kids, aspirations, disappointments, layoffs, how to get jazzed about the future.)

Then amazing squared, I got another grant to write and bring Ephemory to the stage for three weeks in November 2012. This play is based on my Mother’s life both as a young immigrant and as an elderly woman struggling with memory. I have character development pieces in the BLOG. I would love to license productions of these shows. There’s more info on the website or drop me an email.

I am again the Producer for PDX Playwrights’ productions at the Fertile Ground Festival, this time the 2014 edition. PDXP is a small writers group that produced readings of 20 original plays by 15 playwrights at last year’s festival. This year I’ll also bring my short play, Objects May Shift During Flight to the stage for a reading.

I direct and accompany my student productions. In Portland has become the PJA Third Grade play and we’ll be at it again this year. I have also directed it and Even to the Western Ocean in Portland Public Schools.

I have pieces published in VoiceCatcher 2, 3 and 4, Our Portland Story and The SOMOS Cookbook (a story/cookbook for the Society of the Muse of the Southwest.)

I have a BA in Theatre Arts and Humanities from the University of Minnesota and a JD from Lewis & Clark Law School. I am a member of The Dramatists Guild.

I’d love to know about you, dear reader. Please drop me a line.