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shofarSurely we all need a little more love, more gentle touch, more kind words and more compassion for ourselves and all those around us. I wish us all a big hearted New Year. L’Shana Tovah Tikatevu (May you be written down for a good year. 5775.)

We’re taking a week off from The Blessed Disappointment–a study on online dating in what-we-like-to-call middle age. Maybe it’s too dark for a week celebrating the New Year.

The Yoga blog seems to be on extended break–fortunately my practice is very consistent and satisfying. Maybe it’s not something one writes about.

Fall means reg’lar, it smells like apples, hot coffee and hot tea. Fall’s full of neighbors shuttling the same wonderful tomatoes across one another’s threshholds. It’s not so threatening as fall was in Minnesota. It’ more like the sweetness of bright orange squash flesh. And here I am, back after whatever that was that took me off schedule. Oh, right–summer.

The amazing Asian adventure is still there as are the character development pieces running up to Ephemory’s premiere production (November 2012) and The Remodel Blog.(Summer 2010.)

The Advocate–the Lewis & Clark Law School magazine article.

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Post 4: Which website?

My fun is in highlighting annoying, weird, crazy stuff that really happens. (Actually, I’m more focused on routine misses and reveals.) Since I’m almost at the end of my patience for this week, let me just get this off my chest:

Read Herring

It was a hopeful sign of family Sunday mornings to come: mornings filled with stinky fish and family love.

Post 3 Your Profile Picture

I have no objections to pictures of you on your Harley or in front of your Taurus with the dog tied to the roof rack. That’s just truth in advertising. But a photo of just the car/dog/cycle?

New Series! The Blessed Disappointment and Post 2

I’m trying to think what is the progression of these questions. Let me take a stab at it: 1) Do you like to be scared by fake strange things happening in familiar places? 2) Do you want to try out possibly strange things happening in unfamiliar places (like reality?) 3) Do you want to throw away everything familiar to encounter real danger in real time without a net, while cramped, stinky and covered in sunscreen.

Post 1 New Series on Online Dating: the 2014 edition

As a serial online dater I’ve learned to recognize the open-mouthed flakiness, announced kinkiness, ferocity, moodiness, unreliability, poor judgment, narcissism and financial disastrophy of prospective dates as gifts to me. Should I be angered by the man with the fun-loving, gentle profile when he happens to call an hour before our appointed coffee date to [...]