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fallpic LOTS of exciting stuff happening behind the scenes at PDX Playwrights’ Fertile Ground 2015 shows. (It may sound like a long ways off but it’ll be here, trust me.) This season we’re producing an evening of 10 minute plays, all directed by one fabulous member, so there’ll be some coherent look and feel to the shows. Well maybe–better come make sure. I have a little piece in the mix–Bird First. The raucus parrot that moved in next door has to be good for something, right?

Back to The Blessed Disappointment, Post 7: Write Him a Lovely Message. And I do And he doesn’t.

Yes I’ve now worn my rubber wellies and my new kick-ass lizard cowboy boots. I’ve worn fleece pants and tops. Yes it’s fall, with occasional glimpses of sun and even warmth.

The amazing Asian adventure is still there as are the character development pieces running up to Ephemory’s premiere production (November 2012) and The Remodel Blog.(Summer 2010.)

The Advocate–the Lewis & Clark Law School magazine article.

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Post 7: Write Him a Lovely Message

I rarely hear from a guy who lives within 15 miles of me AND posts a picture AND is less than 35 pounds overweight AND I could even start a cup of coffee with. I know, these items wouldn’t seem to form such an insurmountable hurdle, but they do. And then the messages from these fella’s … well maybe they have a different definition of lovely than I do. These guys give clear signs that they haven’t read any part of that profile. At worst they’re evil scammers. At their most innocuous they’re probably drunk and lonely.

Post 6: Are you an Asshole?

Most of these [Google] results were asshole tests—no we’re not talking hemorrhoid diagnostics. I guess people need to find out if they are assholes. I mean that seems natural; I know plenty of assholes and I don’t think they know they qualify.

Post 5: Your Profile

He’s fervently clutching every damn bag he ever ran across, while espousing a devil-may-care approach to life. He calls himself sensitive and talks about intimacy but he’s ever so well defended against it.

Post 4: Which website?

My fun is in highlighting annoying, weird, crazy stuff that really happens. (Actually, I’m more focused on routine misses and reveals.) Since I’m almost at the end of my patience for this week, let me just get this off my chest:

Read Herring

It was a hopeful sign of family Sunday mornings to come: mornings filled with stinky fish and family love.