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10 Water spoutMy play Colder Than Ice will be part of Portland’s participation in Climate Change Theatre Action. The Staged readings are FREE, begins at 7 pm 11/24 at Artists Repertory Theatre, 1515 SW Morrison. Come check in on a speakeasy where waters from west coast glaciers of yore are served at high-end prices to an in-the-know clientele. Remember the password: Quelccaya.

PDX Playwrights produces a marathon Festival-within-the-Fertile-Ground-Festival (I act as Producer) and I have 3 short plays in the mix for the 2016 Festival. To toot my horn a bit and get on your calendars, here are the shows that include my works (and don’t confine yourself to these. I’ll post the full schedule towards the end of December. Check out the FG Guide and get yourself a pass–the best bargain in Portland.) All of our shows are at Hipbone Studio at 1847 E Burnside 97214:

Daisy Dukes Jan 22 and 23 7 pm Under a Tin Roof Moon
Short+Sweet Jan 30, 7pm and Jan 31, 3 pm A New Woman
Jan 31, 1 pm Bathtub Gin is on the bill with with Peter Armetta’s beautiful NOH-inspired drama.
Tickets are available ($10 for each show, @ 2hrs.) under the PDX Playwrights’ listing with Box Office Tickets, online.

Photos from Ecuador and Peru–Spring of 2015-and Trip Reports are on The Blog Enjoy!

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Magnificent enough

Suddenly, other parts of me required unfolding and oxygen. I had to explore right here inside, even though visas and maps were tricky to come by. “Magnificent” helped me stretch and circulate blood through numbed extremities and circumvented pathways.

I am my Mother and Father

We will not cast people out for their choices in lip color, hosiery, language, religion, or the lack thereof. We will try to be “with it,” but not too with it—if you know what I mean.

I would run away with you at a moment’s notice

When I long to “run away”, it’s not just fear of that special vulnerability –trying to create art and knowing it just might be shit. No, it’s fear of loneliness, pointlessness, a life unwitnessed and unconnected.

Dear Mr. Malaprop:

I thought I was done with commentary on the world of computer dating for a bit, but then I discovered an old favorite phenomenon. Everything old is new again. Dear Mr. Malaprop: I’ve always enjoyed your Grandma (Great? Great Great? Well of course she’s at least great, whatever the generational aspect.) You can imagine how [...]

Wet Weather Walk

I watch a dog frozen. I wait for my footsteps to rifle his eager nose and ear. Coming to the crest, I see his litter mate, also trained on something. What? Finally I see the owner on hands and knees cleaning out a bed. She tosses a clod of dirt and their fascination breaks.