Miriam Feder home



St. Louis, with Michelle and John
Queen Vic Water lillies

Lori and Michelle on throne

St. Louis+2

L St L Hippo

Entering the west





Yellowstone waterfall 2

Yellowstone waterfall 3

falls deep color

Lori Yellowstone


bison roll 2 - Copy (2)

bison portraits

lavender flower

Yellowstone–Mammoth Hotsprings

Yellow and white deposits

white deposits

calcium deposits + steam

Yellow and white deposits

shiny steamy

Yellowstone–Geyser Country

beautiful colors

black and rust floor with steam

blue pond with stick

twisted log

deep field blue

deep field

deep shot of geyser area

grasses 2

geyser erupting 2

L Lori and MF

red and white pot prints

small geyser better

big geyser

L Lori

And south, through Grand Teton NP and Colorado

grand tetons w boats

L tetons

green stripe mountain


Colorado Wildlife

small goat

Goat head profile

elk 2

Dinosaur Monument

Dinosaur Monument rock

Dino Mon purple flower

Dino Mon small petro w red

The Latest...

Report 22: Now this is Borneo

I awake in the jungle to jungle noises. I arrived in Kudat yesterday after a 2+ hour, sometimes prayer-raising drive in a minibus. I have no feel for this town—not even the Ria Hotel where I was to get one last burst of wifi, because Howard comes through the door paging me as my taxi pulls up.

Second Chance

She licked her wicked wounds and revealed her exotic and disturbing past on occasion at ladies luncheons and rotary breakfasts.When she dove into the dust of her back yard she pulled out apricot trees, watermelons, plums, pomegranates and even roses. Selma flowered in the relentless sun that would whip her sheets dry in a flash.

A day full of possibility–may you live it well

Thank you for this period on a stretched and strengthened morning, as I open my savasana eyes, breathe the lilac air and step into the light, wind, gray and sun–alternating–the way of springtime around here. May I live this day well, and you too. It’s a doable challenge, an inspiration to carry folded over and [...]

The Very Thin Man

It’s sorta like if a tree falls in the forest and your name comes thundering out of the ground, shaking the birds and the worms and the little critters in the soil, was it there a minute before? Prob’ly not. When did it get there—when the tree fell or in my case, when she felt a little winsome.

Enlightenment wears no socks and drives no car

How damn many times have I lost my car in one of these garages. Big buiding, tight corners, crazy barely legible reserved signs, huge SUVS bulging out of every mirror, side and corner at me. I’m completely hemmed in, yet I know I have acres of space. But what if those objects in mirror really [...]