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DSCF6172Summer is fantastic here in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t leave. Well, that’s my official policy. I did sneak off to Los Angeles for a few days but now I’m planted, harvesting the beautiful weather we earned by plowing through all that rain. And we had it easy this year. We’re awash in berries and other fruits, concerts and Shakespeare in the parks, days that last ’til 9 pm and sunshine. Oh joy!

The amazing Asian adventure is still there as are the character development pieces running up to Ephemory’s premiere production (November 2012) and The Remodel Blog.(Summer 2010.) And remember–chocolate always fits.

The Advocate–the Lewis & Clark Law School magazine article.

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Where have I been, 2

The World at Small My alternative universes rock me off my systems. Of course that’s why it’s so important to make the trips. I check-in from time-to-time, just to make sure I can come to balance again, with a little grace and humility. I taste the thoughts, the mannerisms, magazines and foods in these fine [...]

Where have I been?

Often in Yoga I hear wonderful cues that touch my body, my spirit, unlock doors, throw open windows or connect dots. I try to keep them rolling through my brain to muse on for the Yoga journal. Rarely do I come out with the phrase or word, though. Yes the connection, aeration, release and expansion [...]

Hoorah for the 4th of July

My little Kosher-girl hands were fearful: wash; wash again. My finger tips tingled each time they got close to the taboo meat. Could this possibly be worth it?

Yoga-breathe even more deeply

I found an extra space, deeper, lower, contained in a bowl of muscle and connectors, into which I could inhale, from which I could exhale. My whole system seemed to slow into a luxurious quiet. Now I look for that place when we ease into Yoga class. I know roughly where it is, but I’m [...]


If he had lived longer, would I have gotten to know him better? Would I sit still for the repetitive stories, ask the probing questions, complete the pictures I stopped gathering over 20 years ago? Or would I be annoyed at his slowness and frailty, at the obstinacy and routines of old men. Would I have continued to be too rushed by the crush between generations to note the gifts of either one?