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MF glasses 2Spring in Portland is wonderful and I’m soaking it in when I can. When it’s busy soaking itself into the dirt–well I ought to be writing. I recently got to share my wonderful trip to Cambodia and points east with a group of one-time (some more than one-time) peace corps volunteers. I’m available if you have a group who might be interested in international volunteering, Cambodia, The American Jewish World Service or anything sort of like that.

The amazing Asian adventure is still there as are the character development pieces running up to Ephemory’s premiere production (November 2012) and The Remodel Blog.(Summer 2010.) And remember–chocolate always fits.

The Advocate–the Lewis & Clark Law School magazine article.

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Savor this light-filled state of mind,
the preciousness of every day.
Remember to savor.

A Sweet Sentimental Passover, 2014-5775

Go forth from slavery, from oppression, from the narrow places of your head, your heart, or your circumstances. Celebrate the season of freedom, rebirth, and sweetness.

Remember and rediscover

Today I mostly take care of my memories of Dad and Mom. I find the bit of understanding—the fond memory and the noble act—and I embrace it in the tale told. It can be a quiet, private thing. Sometimes I’ve made it a public thing, splashing it across my website and my stages. Is this what the commandment means? Remember, rediscover and perpetuate?

Everyday New

Today we threw away the predictable routines, the serious demeanor and the Asanas. Instead we massaged our minds and our bodies from the inside out. We lubricated our joints, making huge arm and leg circles. We rolled and rotated up and down across on our spines and through our core. We gently stroked our cheeks [...]


In afterglow, electricity shoots across my shoulder blades, through my throat and right between my eyes. Each release expands my spirit, touching even the tiniest of polite encounters with strangers. It strokes more significant connections and my desires for the people of my life.